Steps To Make Money Through Amazon

There are different ways and platforms to make money online, one of them that has recently gained popularity is the decline in shipping by Amazon. Many people are doing thousands of dollars doing this business as long as you have the right Amazon PPC tools.

Drop Shipping has its advantages over a conventional online store where you need to store goods in the store and ship when you receive your order.

Here are simple steps to get started if you have considered setting off in the collapse of shipping business.

Open an account with Amazon as a reseller.

The most important action you should take when you start a decline in shipping activity is to open an account with Amazon as a reseller. There are two types of accounts that can be opened: Professional and individual account. If you are starting your business and are not sure if you will sell more than 40 products per month, it is recommended to switch to an individual account. However, it is important that you know the advantages and disadvantages of each account you choose.

Here are the pros and cons to guide you in deciding which account to register for:

For an individual account:

You may not use third party services such as Repricers and Inventory Lab. You are not eligible to list your product in the purchase field. You may not apply for inclusion of your product in Amazon’s proprietary store categories. There is a $0.99 fee for each product sold.
For a professional account:

You can use a spreadsheet to load different items at the same time, using the vendor’s headquarters. You will have access to more reports in the reseller forum. You are entitled to list your product in the purchase field. You can apply for inclusion of your products in reserved categories. You will pay $40 per month plus $0.99 per product sold. You can create new product pages for your products.

It is important to remember that you can choose to upgrade your account at any time.

Find the best cheap suppliers of cheap ships.

Most drop shippers make a good profit using the best platform – Salehoo, to find the perfect drop shippers for the products they intend to sell.

To get started, register for a paid account in order to use their best tools and features. Look for drop shippers near you that you can ship faster with lower shipping costs.

Why use this platform because most providers do not have a budget for social media marketing, but rather shift marketing expenses to reduce product costs. So, they prefer to subscribe to Salehoo rather than do Google marketing.

Besides, it will require more effort from vendors to achieve success with PPC marketing, so they prefer a dedicated platform for it.

Searching for cheap but well-selling products.

When you find a supplier that suits your requirements, browse its catalog to find those items that are not expensive, but also sell very well. Make sure that the difference in price between what is offered at Amazon and what the supplier sells is significant enough to give you a certain profit.

Even if you decide to source for sellers outside the Salehoo platform, the most important thing is that there is enough profit to cover the costs over time and money.

Write well-developed and search engine-optimized titles and descriptions for Amazon.

Now that you’re ready with the products, go to their list in the Amazon store. Make sure you write SEO product descriptions to enable your products to be ranked high in Amazon’s search results.

Go further and start marketing your products through a variety of digital marketing systems.

You can outsource marketing to freelancers on a platform such as Fiverr.

Trust me, drop shipping is not as difficult as it seems. You just have to take a step!



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