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Do you see the future of digital photography? Quite a radical question in feeding the madness of digital camera marketing. For me digital photography is the best thing that has ever happened to photography. But what is its future? Difficult to answer and perhaps difficult to upload.

Film photography has always been called only “photography”, never film photography. That was the standard. With the advent of digital photography, this standard was questioned. My question is: “will digital photography become a standard or will it remain an ugly sister of photography?

I think it will always be a “poor cousin” of film photography, unless two things happen:

All digital cameras must develop to such an extent that they are equivalent in terms of quality to the most basic film camera. They must put an end to the digital film debate. There can be no difference between the two formats. The most expensive digital cameras are approaching this standard, but point and film models cannot compete with their film counterparts. I think that with the pace of development, despite the economic crisis, consumers are demanding that lower-end cameras have to improve their quality. Although real photography is above all SLRs, and I think we are on the road to the quality necessary to compete with cameras.

There is a change in thinking that quantity is better than quality. The thought that resulted in taking a picture with the film has disappeared, but it has disappeared. The speed at which digital photos are taken worsens the results of good photography. This is evidenced by the quality of photos submitted to competitions, posted on forums and displayed on blogs. If this way of thinking changes and we start thinking more about photography, it bodes well for digital form as art.

How can we change this so that digital photography is synonymous with photography? Personally, I believe that education and science are the key. In the same way that digital photography changed the face of digital photography changed the face of the publishing house.

Great didactic materials are available electronically as free education or affordable education. Now it is cheap and easy to learn about photography and improvement techniques. It does not require a costly course or diploma to radically improve your photos. It’s as simple as buying an eBook or electronic course. Many people have money back guarantees, so the risk is minimal. Easy to find and easy to learn. The key is to learn photography, not just digital photography.

When film photography was born, it was seen as an art and much attention was paid to its realisation. It was created and developed in this way of thinking and, in connection with costs, remained mostly as a form of art. Even the masses were cautious in their practice.

But in digital photography it is completely different. What she did was to make art cheaper, simpler and faster. Whenever you add these three factors to anything in life, it opens the door to loss of technology, lower quality and reduced value. This can be seen from the example of billions of electronic images that remain on DVDs, hard drives and memory cards, underestimated and worthless.

It is in this world that the art of photography must find its place and raise its head again from the digital chaos. Digital is the best thing since slicing bread. The only question that needs to be answered now is whether it will become an opportunity and a new art form, or will it be the vehicle that is responsible for the loss of a great art form?

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