The importance of protein in dogs

In addition to the direct impact on the muscles, proteins also influence the bone structure and the immune system.

Food is an essential part of your pet’s life. It is not enough for it to be well nourished, but it must be well nourished. So today we’re talking about the importance of protein in dogs.

What is the role of protein in dogs?

We already know that dogs are carnivores, and meat is one of the highest sources of protein. These are very necessary for the organism because they fulfill two basic functions:


This means that proteins have a direct involvement in body structure, which has to do with bone and muscle tissue, hair, nails and more. They also influence the skin, because an excess or death of this essential nutrient would worsen the appearance of your pet.


In this case, there are certain types of proteins that directly affect the body’s physiognomy, namely enzymes and hormones that act as catalysts of metabolism.

Proteins are also essential for muscle mass, which if our pet’s muscle mass is strong and increased, it can age better and continue to have its useful motor functions.

This is important for dogs of all ages, as in puppies it is necessary to feed the muscle mass for growth, in adults for it to be maintained and in the elderly for it not to disappear, which would make their vital joint functions not function normally.

On the other hand, proteins also influence the immune system, because antibodies, which defend the body from disease, viruses, and bacteria, are proteins as well. From this, it is clear that protein in dogs is very important, but it remains to know how to provide our pet with the necessary amount of protein.

Give your dog protein

Specialty dog food contains the percentage of protein your dog needs every day. That is why it is always advisable to buy good quality feed and also recommended for the age of your dog. It’s not the same thing as a puppy as an old dog. Nutritional needs change, and these dry foods are designed with this in mind.

It’s best to always choose premium products that, while more expensive, will benefit your pet’s health in the long run. These contain proteins rich in essential amino acids that will take care of your dog’s body, allow him to digest them easily and allow his body to metabolize them.


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