How to Know Your Potential Customers’ Intent to Purchase Online or Offline?

When trying to sell products and/or services it is necessary to know if people are really willing to buy. Knowing the intention of your potential customers, prospects or consumers is fundamental to having that success you are looking for when you set up your business.

Suppose your business is online (this can also be offline and you want to add new products), you already have a certain audience and now you want to earn some money. For that you need to sell something, but what can you sell? Do you really know what your target audience is willing to buy?

At this point, you must be thinking about doing some market research, and indeed it is recommended. Surveys are common and that way you can find out from your potential customers what their true purchase intentions are, but you have to go a little further as these are usually not enough.

True market research is much more than just asking people. Every marketing expert will analyze each variable: strength, opportunity, advantages, threats (size of the target market, competition, unmet needs, legal environment, etc.).

To complement the information I invite you to see the importance of the study of consumer behavior, remembering that it is only a variable to take into account when doing a complete market study.

Is It True That Polls Don’t Work? Is There Something Better In Front Of The Consumer?

The easiest and most frequently asked answer by experts is: “Take a survey to find out what your audience really wants”. The sentence is so worn out it’s boring. I’ll tell you something that may surprise you, and that is that in many cases polls are useless due to several factors that we’ll see below!

We’ve already made it clear that doing market research is not as simple as many people with no experience in the field can make you believe, but how is it possible that to set up your business you’ll need something as simple as a survey and a few pieces of information to base your decisions on to clarify why surveys alone won’t work?

A lot of research has shown that people lie when they are surveyed. They have also shown that surveys are too bad at predicting people’s future intentions. From the interviewer’s point of view, as the questionnaire of questions is one of the factors that determine the true success of a survey.

How to Know What People Are Willing to Buy? Do They Know?

Henry Ford (creator of the car) and Steve Jobs (founder of Apple) knew exactly what I was talking about. The first said, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have answered, ‘A faster horse. The second said, “People don’t know what they want until you give it to them.

The question now is: What to give them? You don’t want to spend time creating something that is doomed to failure, what you can do is focus on the best way to get direct information from consumers. If you do your job well, you will receive real answers on which to base your decisions.

The secret is Conversation.

It’s common for more than one of us not to believe in polls. Since I started college to study marketing I’ve been clear that in most cases the problem with surveys is the quality of the questionnaire, the number of irrelevant questions and the inappropriateness of certain interviewers.

If you approach people as an ordinary human being and ask the right questions they will tell you what they are willing to buy and they will not lie to you. People don’t care whether they lie or not in a survey because it’s just a survey. However, people generally do not lie to others because they consider it dishonest.

Engage in a real conversation with each and every one of your subscribers and listen to what they have to say. Remember that depending on your business, you may need help from a team of trained and trusted people to do this work. It seems complicated, but I assure you that implementing this point as a strategy is very easy.

What happens when we interact with people?

People respond and tell me exactly what their problems are and what they would like my help with. Think about this for a moment: People tell me their problems… If I were to sell them something, you can bet that it will be the solution to those problems and believe me when I tell you that being the solution they are looking for, many will buy it.

Already and by means of an email I have been told what their problem is and I offer the solution to them, but beware, it is a double-edged sword if you are not able to carry out this strategy and leave your potential customer satisfied. The point is this:


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